Custom Concrete Products

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Custom Precast Concrete Products

Although Sonoran Stonecete manufactured quality precast concrete planters for over 15 years. Concrete has inherently many issues, such as weight, cracking, chipping and others.

So, it was time for a change. Fiberglass! Our beautiful fiberglass planters offer you a much more superior product, such as:

  • Labor savings – with a fraction of the weight of concrete, what would normally take several persons or forklift or crane to place, can now be accomplished by one or two persons, so now you are able to spread out the labor more efficiently.
  • Longevity – Sonoran Stonecrete fiberglass planters will outlast any other product, such as concrete, plastic, wood or steel planters.
  • Durability – our fiberglass planter wont crack or chip like concrete. Wont warp like plastic. Wont rot like wood or rust like steel.
  • Colors – Fiberglass opens to a wide range of colors and mimics.
  • Plant friendly – Unlike concrete which holds in the heat, fiberglass cools much more quickly.

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